Welcome to Radioweb !

The simplicity of good old radio and the new possibilities of the web come together in Radioweb to give you a totally new experience of Carnatic music.
Radioweb is not just another music streaming website; it offers exclusively curated shows every day that go beyond giving you music - they provide a complete musical experience

Navigating Radioweb

Today’s Shows

The latest shows and fresh every day. Just click on the play button to start listening. It’s that simple
No endless searches, no random playlists .... just great music.

Programme Page

Once a show is selected, the programme begins to play.

The pause , stop , skip and back button help you control your listening experience..
If you want to listen to a song again, or missed something the RJ said, just use the back button to go back to that content. Similarly if you want skip a song, use the skip button to move to the next piece of content.

Want to listen again to a especially evocative piece of a song ? Use the slider bar to move back to the particular location in the song to listen from there again !

To listen to the programmes one needs to be a subscriber and logged in. Guest users can listen to only a part of the programme.

The lower half of the programme page has the list of song that are featured on the programme. Want to know a little more about the raga of the song, clicking on the raga link provides that information .

Love a particular song and want to own it ? Click of the Buy from Store button , pay and its yours !

If a particular song is available on the store , there will be the album art picture displayed.
Where this is not displayed , this indicates that the particular album is not available on the store.

The store currently has a limited selection , and will expand as we get the requisite permissions from the content owners to place their products on the store


Missed a program or want to listen again ? No problem . Visit the archives to listen to all the shows of the last two months. Use the “Choose Program Category” to get a selection of the programs from the archive in that category.


Love a particular artist or want to discover the music of an artist you have never heard before , visit the artist pages. Choose the artist you want to listen to and be presented with a profile , a selections of programmes and videos related to that particular artist.

The number of artists represented will grow as we work with artists to bring their music to you on Radioweb


Discover more about a raga or discover and listen to the composition of your favourite composer. The resources section brings together songs and other content that help you do this.

We are also building the sahitya database , and will be available in some time.


Music makes a wonderful gift. You can gift the Radioweb experience to a loved one, a friend or to anyone you want to bring joy.
Click on the Gift link at the top left of the page, choose a subscription package , pay and your gift is delivered right away.

The Radioweb Store

The store presents a selection of albums for purchase. One can buy individual songs or a selection of or all the songs in an album. Once purchased these songs are made available for download. All songs are high quality downloads in mp3 file format.

Store Credits

Store Credits are way to maintain a balance of money with your Radioweb account, which you can use at any time to buy songs or albums from the Store, instead of using a credit / debit card each time. It’s simpler and faster
Click on the Buy Store Credit link at the top left of the page to buy credits or to top up your account

How do I get access to Radioweb ?

On registering for Radioweb , you get a no obligation , seven day unlimited access , free trial. And , no , you don’t have to provide your credit card or other payment information.

At the end of the trial period , you may subscribe to Radioweb from a choice of very affordable subscription plans

So try us out for a wonderful music experience
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