Geeta Sahai

Hindustani Classical Music is my life force. I may not be a performer, but listening, imagining and thinking about music enriches my life. Having learnt a classical dance form, I became a ‘forever’ seeking student of art and culture. It was this passion that goaded me to become Art & Culture critic while being associated with media – print, TV and radio.

When WorldSpace began their broadcast from India in early 2000, I was instrumental in designing and curating Hindustani classical music shows on Radio Gandharv for 2 hours daily. In fact, Radio Gandharv began its journey from 2 hours and in the mid 2000 decade, it emerged as the first ever 24X7 Hindustani Classical music radio station. Consequently, I joined Radio Gandharv, WorldSpace, as Programme Director.
This opportunity opened new vistas where I could explore classical music radio programming with novelty. It gave me immense opportunities to meet artistes and to know their craft and challenges from close quarters. I cherish those timeless moments! I enjoy capturing the life and times of an art practitioner on celluloid and in words.

I am deeply passionate about documentary filmmaking and writing. Seeing things beyond what is apparent and painting a rainbow of emotions and sentiments with words make each moment come alive for me. Amidst all this, I dream of making art and music reach the ‘unreachable,’ I want to provide a platform to unheard talents and revive music of forgotten artists. Through Radioweb, I hope to do all this and much more. .


A dreamer all the way, I spent my childhood on a staple diet of books, dance and solitude. Rigorous training in Bharatanatyam connected me deeply with rhythm and ragas. The soothing strains of the tanpura meandered seamlessly into my life when I assisted in producing a Hindustani classical music show for All India Radio. Ragas soon became the soundtrack of my life when I took up the opportunity to share my love for music with listeners as radio host and content manager for Radio Gandharv, WorldSpace Satellite Radio.

Meanwhile, the bookworm in me was engaged in the insatiable pursuit of knowledge at Jawaharlal Nehru University. I am still racking my mind and heart doing a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies. Over the years I have also written about art and culture for various publications like The Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, Soundbox, and presently, Sruti magazine. My association with Centre for Media Studies and various other institutes led me to unearth a new passion- teaching. As an academic and scholar, I love delving into polemics, politics and poetics (yes, I like such big profound-sounding words!) of performance and culture. In my world of secret pleasures you would catch me sky-gazing, travelling, running and writing.

Radio and classical music are the breeding grounds for the deepest connection I have with people. People often assume that as an RJ I probably love talking, and I always smile to myself because what really brings me here is my love for listening, and sharing.