Program Category Program Play Date
Ek Hi Kalakaar Pandit Firoz Dastur

This week in Ek Hi Kalakaar we turn the pages from the life of Kirana gharana maestro - Pt Firoz Dastur.

15-Sep 2017
Jugalbandi Jugalbandi

Get immersed in the musical conversation between two maestros through their instruments.

The maestros featuring are Parur M S Gopalakrishnan (violin) and Ustad Sultan Khan (sarangi).

15-Sep 2017
Ras Rang Ras Rang

Unwind to the rainbow of Hindustani Classical music with thumri, chaiti, kajri, dadra and many other forms.

14-Sep 2017
Time Ragas Night Ragas

Ragas that touch our heart with deep feelings of tenderness, peace, silence and the serenity of a distant stream are night ragas.

Featuring in this edition are Vidushi Malini Rajurkar and Pt Ulhas Kashalkar.

14-Sep 2017
Sur Tarang Sur Tarang

Listen to instrumental music. Featuring in this episode are Pt Pannalal Ghosh (flute) and Pt Chandrashekhar Phanse (sitar).

13-Sep 2017
Time Ragas Evening Ragas

Unwind to a compilation of evening ragas.

Featuring in this episode are Pt Shivkumar Sharma and Pt C R Vyas.

13-Sep 2017
Sur Sagar Sur Sagar

A selection of khayals highlighting the versatility of Hindustani vocal music.

12-Sep 2017
Time Ragas Afternoon Ragas

Sway along with the haunting sweet fragrance and the earthy scents of everyday life in the essence of the afternoon ragas.

12-Sep 2017
Time Ragas Morning Ragas

Meditate with the bouquet of morning ragas.

Maestros featuring are Pt K G Ginde, Pt Kaivalyakumar Gurav and Ud Amjad Ali Khan.

11-Sep 2017
Bhakti Sagar Bhakti Sagar

Rejuvenate your spirit with devotional compositions.

11-Sep 2017