Program Category Program Play Date
Time Ragas Morning Ragas

Meditate with the bouquet of morning ragas.

31-Jul 2017
Bhakti Sagar Bhakti Sagar

Rejuvenate your spirit with devotional compositions.

31-Jul 2017
Golden Concert Pt Jasraj

Enjoy live concert recording of the doyen of Mewati gharana - Pt Jasraj.

He is presenting a bandish in raga Nat Narayani.

30-Jul 2017
Theme Hour Dhrupad-Dhamaar

In this edition of Theme Hour enjoy Dhrupad - by Ud Faiyaz Khan and Pt K G Ginde.

30-Jul 2017
Raga Darpana Raga Gorakh Kalyan

In this edition of Raga Darpana we delve into the finer nuances of night raga - Gorakh Kalyan.

Listen to complete elaboration of raga Gorakh Kalyan by Pt Rasklal Andharia, Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan, Pt Sanjeev Abhyankar and Pt Chandrashekhar Phanse.

29-Jul 2017
Vintage Classics Vintage Classics

Get immersed in the serenity and haunting music of the bygone era.

29-Jul 2017
Jugalbandi Jugalbandi

Enjoy unique musical dialogue between two maestros.

Featuring in this episode are Pt Rajan Mishra and Pt Sajan Mishra.

28-Jul 2017
Ek Hi Kalakaar Begum Parveen Sultana

This week we turn the pages from the life of a maestro, known for her slow leisurely alaaps, sapaat taans, gamaks, and zamzama - Begum Parveen Sultana.

Begum Parween Sultana was a child prodigy. At the tender age of five she was initiated into music by her father - Janab Ikramul Majid. He played a major role as her first Guru and supported her against all odds.

28-Jul 2017
Time Ragas Night Ragas

Ragas that touch our heart with deep feelings of tenderness, peace, silence and the serenity of a distant stream are night ragas.

Listen to bandishes in raga Chhayanat, Shankara and Jogiya.

27-Jul 2017
Ras Rang Ras Rang

Unwind to the rainbow of Hindustani Classical music with thumri, chaiti, kajri, dadra and many other forms.

27-Jul 2017