Program Category Program Play Date
Time Ragas Morning Ragas

Meditate with the bouquet of morning ragas.

21-Aug 2017
Bhakti Sagar Bhakti Sagar

Rejuvenate your spirit with devotional compositions.

21-Aug 2017
Golden Concert Pt Ajoy Chakraborty

Enjoy live concert recording of Patiala gharana stalwart - Pt Ajoy Chakraborty.

20-Aug 2017
Theme Hour Dhrupad-Dhamaar-Dr Madhu Bhatt Tailang

In this edition of Theme Hour listen to Dhrupad-Dhamaar by Dr Madhu Bhatt Tailang.

20-Aug 2017
Raga Darpana Raga Kalavati

In this edition of Raga Darpana listen to bandishes in raga Kalavati as we discuss the finer nuances of this midnight raga.

19-Aug 2017
Theme Hour Footsteps

Get immersed in the captivating music of the gurus and their disciples.

Featuring in this edition are Pt Omkar Dadarkar & Pt Ulhas Kashalkar; Dr Abha Chaurasia - Dr Vibha Chaurasia & Pt Balasaheb Poonchwale.

19-Aug 2017
Ek Hi Kalakaar Pt Chidanand Nagarkar

In this edition of Ek Hi Kalakaar, we turn the pages from the life and times of Pt Chidanand Nagarkar.

Listen to his spellbinding gayaki as he presents bandishes in different ragas.

18-Aug 2017
Jugalbandi Jugalbandi

Get immersed in the beauty of musical conversation between two maestros.

Featuring in this edition are Dr Abha & Dr Vibha chaurasia, Pt Rajendra Teredesai and Pt Dhananjay Daithankar.

18-Aug 2017
Ras Rang Ras Rang

Unwind to the rainbow of Hindustani Classical music with thumri, chaiti, kajri, dadra and many other forms.

17-Aug 2017
Time Ragas Night Ragas

Ragas that touch our heart with deep feelings of tenderness, peace, silence and the serenity of a distant stream are night ragas.

Maestros featuring are Ustad Rashid Khan, Pt Upendra Bhat, Milind Chittal and Sunita Tikare.

17-Aug 2017