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Raga Darpana Raga Ramkali

This week in our weekly special on one raga we discuss the finer nuances of Raga Ramkali.

Listen to bandishes in raga Ramkali by Pt Bhimsen Joshi, Vidushi Subhra Guha, Pt Chidanand Nagarkar and Pt K G Ginde.

20-Oct 2018
Ek Hi Kalakaar Pt Kumar Gandharva

This week in Ek Hi Kalakaar listen to the magical gayaki of Pt Kumar Gandharva.

Pt Kumar Gandharva made his debut on the concert arena at the tender age of 12. Gradually, he evolved a musical style of his own, not adhering to any particular gharana style.

19-Oct 2018
Jugalbandi Jugalbandi

Get immersed in the captivating musical conversation between two maestros.

Featuring in this episode are Pt K G Ginde, Pt Dinkar Kaikini and maestros Pramod Gaikwad & Milind Tulankar.

19-Oct 2018
Ras Rang Ras Rang

Unwind to the rainbow of Hindustani Classical music with thumri, chaiti, kajri, dadra and many other forms.

18-Oct 2018
Time Ragas Night Ragas

Ragas that touch our heart with deep feelings of tenderness, peace, silence and the serenity of a distant stream are night ragas.

Maestros featuring in this episode are Vidushi Malini Rajurkar and Pt Ulhas Kashalkar.

18-Oct 2018
Sur Tarang Sur Tarang

Get immersed in the captivating instrumental music on the sarod, flute, and santoor.

17-Oct 2018
Time Ragas Evening Ragas

Unwind to a compilation of evening ragas.

Ragas included in this episode are Shree, Puriya Dhanashree and Gaud Malhar.

17-Oct 2018
Sur Sagar Sur Sagar

A selection of khayals highlighting the versatility of Hindustani vocal music.

Maestros featuring are Pt Bhimsen Joshi and Pt Jasraj.

16-Oct 2018
Time Ragas Afternoon Ragas

Sway along with the haunting sweet fragrance and the earthy scents of everyday life in the essence of the afternoon ragas.

Listen to bandishes in ragas like Multani, Mishra Pilu, Patmanjiri, and raga Dhani.

16-Oct 2018
Golden Concert Pt Bhimsen Joshi

Enjoy concert recording of Pt Bhimsen Joshi.
He is presenting bandishes in raga Puriya Dhanashree and Lalita Gauri.

14-Oct 2018