Program Category Program Play Date
Ek Hi Kalakaar Pt Rajan & Sajan Mishra

This week's Ek Hi Kalakaar is on Pt Rajan Mishra and Pt Sajan Mishra of Banaras gharana.

Listen to their spellbinding gayaki as we chronicle stories from their musical journey.

19-Jul 2019
Jugalbandi Jugalbandi

Get immersed in the captivating jugalbandi between Ustad Amjad Ali Khan (sarod) and Pt V G Jog (violin), followed by the Shehnai and Jal Tarang jugalbandi by maestros Pramod Gaikwad and Milind Tulankar.

19-Jul 2019
Ras Rang Ras Rang

Unwind to the rainbow of Hindustani Classical music with thumri, chaiti, kajri, dadra and many other forms.

18-Jul 2019
Time Ragas Night Ragas

Ragas that touch our heart with deep feelings of tenderness, peace, silence and the serenity of a distant stream are night ragas.

In this edition of Night Ragas listen to bandishes in raga Bihag, Bageshree, Sohini, and a dhun.

18-Jul 2019
Time Ragas Evening Ragas

Unwind to a compilation of evening ragas.

Listen to a bandish in raga Marwa by Ustad Vilayat Khan (sitar) and a vocal rendition in raga Poorvi by Ustad Faiyaz Khan.

17-Jul 2019
Sur Tarang Sur Tarang

Enjoy instrumental music on the sitar, santoor, and sarod by the legends.

17-Jul 2019
Gharana Jaipur-Atrauli

In this episode of Gharana we explore and discuss the birth and development Jaipur-Atrauli gharana.

Listen to bandishes by stalwarts of Jaipur-Atrauli gharana.

14-Jul 2019
Raga Darpana Madhyamaad Sarang

This week's Raga Darpana is on the afternoon raga - Madhyamaad Sarang.

Listen to bandishes by Pt Sangameshwar Gurav and Vidushi Veena Sahasrabuddhe.

13-Jul 2019
Theme Hour Footsteps

In this edition of Theme Hour we focus on the gayaki of gurus and their disciples.

Listen to Pt Jasraj and his disciple Pt Sanjeev Abhyankar and Pt Kumar Gandharva and his disciple, who was also his wife, Vidushi Vasundhara Komkali.

13-Jul 2019
Jugalbandi Jugalbandi

This week in Jugalbandi enjoy vocal renditions by Pt K G Ginde and Pt S C R Bhat and instrumental music by Pramod Gaikwad and Milind Tulankar.

12-Jul 2019