Shounak Abhisheki

Shounak Abhisheki, the gifted son and disciple of the Maestro Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki.

Shounak a leading vocalist of young generation has a beautiful combination of Agra and Jaipur styles of Hindustani Classical Music. Already considered a young maestro , this sought after young vocalist had the privilege of training under Smt. Kamaltai Tambe of the Jaipur Gharana and of course under his illustrious father. The rich experience of these distinct styles molded him to acquire flexibility, which is not very common. Apart from his skillful mastery over the technicalities of music, Shounak’s aesthetic approach towards the lyrical content and his keen sensitivity towards the emotive aspects of a composition, gives his performance universal appeal.

Shounak has carried forward his father’s musical legacy, giving it new dimensions’.Shounak’s voice is a great combination of power and emotion which is enhanced by his impressive diction. Following his father’s footsteps, Shounak has tried to blend technical virtuosity and emotional appeal in his gayaki.....

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