Rajendra Teredesai

Rajendra Teredesai, is ranked today as one of the leading classical Indian bamboo flute (bansuri) maestros from India.

As one of the foremost ganda-bandh disciples of the most celebrated and internationally acclaimed flute maestro of our times Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, his consummate artistry and command over the instrument, coupled with his highly evolved aesthetic sense, artistic assimilation of myriad elements of playing styles, and incessant strife for musical excellence, has made him a name to reckon with in the domain of North Indian bamboo flute / bansuri playing.

Born in suburban Mumbai, to an educated brahmin family steeped in the rich culture and hailing from the lush Konkan belt of Maharashtra, Rajendra took his initial lessons in vocal music from his own mother, and subsequently, from another local music teacher. He spent a few years learning the rudiments of the tabla, santoor, harmonium and later, the piano, even while deciding to pursue mastering the instrument of his choice – the Indian bamboo flute (bansuri).

Rajendra took to the bansuri at the age of 12, when he, quite accidentally, picked up a flute which caught his imagination, and started learning to play it all by himself. He inheriting his passion for music from his late maternal grandfather Shri Moreshwar Chande, a well to do landlord in his day, from Mahad, who himself was a self taught violinist of great talent and merit.

In 1976, he chanced to listen to a recording, and later, a live performance of Pandit Hariprasad Charasia. So deeply influenced was he by Panditji's flute playing, that he resolved to learn from the Master one day, even while spending the next few years practicing and developing the technique of flute playing on his own.

He finally met the maestro in 1980, and was readily accepted by him as his ganda bandh disciple.

This encounter turned out to be the most defining moment of his life, that not only made him delve deep in the divine realms of Indian classical music and the bansuri, but also launched him on an eternal journey of profound spiritualism and self-discovery.
It is under the invaluable tutelage of the legendary flautist that Rajendra received vigorous training in the intricacies of flute playing in the traditional guru shishya parampara for over two decades.

All through his school and college years, he won several awards for his musical, literary, theatrical and painting talents.

Rajendra gave his first full fledged solo flute performance in Mumbai in 1989, and ever since has performed extensively at various music festivals,Besides performing regularly nationwide in major music sammelans and festivals, Rajendra has toured the U.S.A., Canada , Europe , the U.A.E. and South East Asia , leaving an enduring impact on the audiences with his unforgettable performances.

Rajendra Teredesai, closely in the footsteps of his illustrious Guru, has religiously, and with tenacious determination, set upon himself the task of preserving, enriching and perpetuating the grand tradition of woodwind music established by his teacher.

Rajendra Teredesai is most definitely a flautist with a distinctive individuality, class and difference.

He has evolved a deep and richly soothing tonal quality of blowing combined with a perfect balance of pitch perfection, soulful meend, gamaka, sur theheraav and layakari. His eclectic style of playing synthesizes the most significant traits of the beenkar gharana, beautifully blending and integrating the gayaki and gatkari ang of Indian instrumental music.

The approach is highly spiritual, intellectual and aesthetic throughout. The technique is suffused with bhava, highlighting the pristine grandeur of the majestic alaap, complex and breathtaking jod and jhala presentation, through their sweeping and pondering movements, and sophisticated gats, interspersed with spontaneous creative improvisations and incredibly intricate taans.

Rajendra is also adept at presenting complex and rare ragas that are rarely performed on the stage these days.

These high points constitute the essence of his flute playing.

His repertoire encompasses myriad genres, including the thumri, natya sangeet and folk music.

Besides the bansuri, Rajendra plays several world woodwind instruments such as the Native American flute, the Bolivian and Andean flutes, Arabian flute, Chinese dizi and hulusi, and the Japanese shakuhachi.

Source : http://www.rajendrateredesai.com

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