Chhota Gandharva

Chhota Gandharva was born on 1918 whose popular name was Saudagar Nagnath Gore. He was a great artist of Sangitnatak and also Marathi theatre.

Born in the small village of Bhadali near Koregaon in Satara district, he gave up school after just two years and joined Damuanna Joshi’s Balmohan Natak Mandali. His first appearance was in 1928 in Pune. He used to act female characters, and his mentor Joshi first called him Chhota i.e. “small” Gandharva, after the legendary N Bal Gandharva.

At Balmohan he learnt Hindustani vocal music from Dattubuwa Bagalkotkar and, later, from Narharbuwa Patankar, Sawai Gandharva, Bhurji Khan, and other singers of the Jaipur and Gwalior Gharanas.

His voice was characterized by a rare soft and delicate texture, and his style by a huge variety of mind i.e.”meend” , or glissando, murki or ornamentation, and tan i.e. fast embellished runs. He created more than 100 bandish or compositions as well. This legendary artist died in 1997.

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