Reaching Out

The soothing ring of the tambura, the electrifying rhythms on the tabla, the mesmerizing voices and the electrifying renditions on the flute, sitar, sarod, violin, santoor –Radioweb will take you through the sublime and ethereal experiences that is Hindustani Classical Music.
Hindustani Classical Music has continuously evolved and enriched itself through the concerted efforts of dedicated musicians rigorously trained in centuries old oral tradition.
Radioweb’s efforts would be to encapsulate the essence of the bygone era, to present the legends and the legendry, to showcase the various experiments within the framework of ragadaari music and to contextualize and contemporarise Hindustani Classical music


At Radioweb Hindustani Classical Channel you can sit back and enjoy devotional music, khayal, instrumentalists and instruments; the music ranging from thumri-dadra to dhrupad dhamaar to gharana sangeet; well-curated features, documentaries, artiste and theme based shows and musics

Experience The Treasure Trove

At the click of the mouse you can open the treasure trove and experience the beauty of the invaluable ancient music where gurus and shishyas come together to create a world of living and meditative music

The Team

The well-curated shows are designed and presented by media professionals and RJs who are passionate about Hindustani classical music. click here to view team members.

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